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  • With €300, you give six wellness sessions to our nursing staff

  • €1,000 provides two days’ worth of personal protective equipment such as masks and gowns for use in our Covid ward

  • With €5,000 you finance the cost of a Covid patient’s medication in intensive care

  • With €10,000 you finance two Optiflow devices to provide oxygen to patients in intensive care

Why Give to the American Hospital of Paris

Since the founding of the American Hospital of Paris in 1906, our mission has been to offer our patients the best of French and American medicine. A registered non-profit organization in both France and the United States, all Hospital development projects are funded entirely by donors. This is why your support is essential.

In 2018, 93.5% of funds were dedidated to equipment, facilities & programs. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the Hospital was able to invest 12.7 million, while our operating expenses amounted to 4.7% of all funds.

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